“Alte Post” in Dornbirn

Inn sign at the "Alte Post" in Dornbirn

Trara, die Post ist da!” This line of a German children’s song came to my mind when I saw this inn sign at the “Alte Post” in Dornbirn. The sign showed a postilion. The depiction probably referred to an earlier use of the building as a coaching inn.


Coat of arms of Dornbirn

Town coat of arms of Dornbirn, Austria

The town coat of arms of Dornbirn displays a pear tree. The symbol of a pear tree refers to the -birn in the city name as the German term Birne stands for the fruit of a pear tree. In marked contrast to this interpretation the name Dornbirn origins from torrin puirron, how the place was called in a 9th-century document.