“Alte Post” in Dornbirn

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Inn sign at the "Alte Post" in Dornbirn

Trara, die Post ist da!” This line of a German children’s song came to my mind when I saw this inn sign at the “Alte Post” in Dornbirn. The sign showed a postilion. The depiction probably referred to an earlier use of the building as a coaching inn.

“Alte Post” in Dornbirn

The sign below the figurine of a postilion mentions the name of the inn: “Alte Post”. This term is a common name for former coaching inns in Austria. Besides that, the inn sign shows the date 1869.

The postilion

The postilion and its post horn form a widespread symbol for the postal service in earlier times. The resounding “Trara” of his horn used to be an indicator of his upcoming arrival. The renowned sound of his instrument even resulted in a line of a German children’s song.

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