“Alte Post” in Dornbirn

Inn sign at the "Alte Post" in Dornbirn

Trara, die Post ist da!” This line of a German children’s song came to my mind when I saw this inn sign at the “Alte Post” in Dornbirn. The sign showed a postilion. The depiction probably referred to an earlier use of the building as a coaching inn.


Coat of arms of Dornbirn

Town coat of arms of Dornbirn, Austria

The town coat of arms of Dornbirn displays a pear tree. The symbol of a pear tree refers to the -birn in the city name as the German term Birne stands for the fruit of a pear tree. In marked contrast to this interpretation the name Dornbirn origins from torrin puirron, how the place was called in a 9th-century document.


Sundial in Mittelberg

Sundial at a school in Mittelberg, Austria

Sundial dating back to 1952 seen at a school in Mittelberg.


Walserbus in Kleinwalsertal

Walserbus in Kleinwalsertal, Austria

Kleinwalsertal is one of the largest tourism destinations in Austria. How to avoid huge jams along the central streets? The Walserbus is a clever answer to this question. Each guest gets a guest card from his host valid for all lines between the state border and Baad.


Hotel Gemma in Kleinwalsertal

Lounge at Hotel Gemma in Kleinwalsertal, Austria

Hotel Gemma is a small hotel located at Kleinwalsertal Valley with a fine view from the lounge to the lower part of the valley. Besides that it is situated next to a ski lift so one can start the winter day by skiing down to the lift station and finishing the ski activities just by skiing back to the entrance of the hotel.


Mural in Hohenems

Mural refering to the 'Song of the Nibelungs' in Hohenems, Austria

While passing the railway station of Hohenems with an Austrian commuter train I took this photo of a mural with historical background. It refers to the fact that parts of the ‘Song of the Nibelungs’ (Nibelungenlied) has been found in Hohenems.