Walserbus in Kleinwalsertal

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Walserbus in Kleinwalsertal, Austria

Kleinwalsertal is one of the largest tourism destinations in Austria. How to avoid huge jams along the central streets? The Walserbus is a clever answer to this question. Each guest gets a guest card from his host valid for all lines between the state border and Baad.

The main line N° 1 is even connecting the Kleinwalsertal with the next railway station, which is situated in the German city Oberstdorf. Card holder pay for the distance between the Austrian border and Oberstdorf a reduced fee.

I liked the Walserbus pretty much because the buses at the main line N° 1 drove in a short period of just 10 minutes. So I was able to see many sites in Kleinwalsertal Valley within a day.

Tip: Always enter the bus at its front door and touch your guest card at the scanner which is labeled with a picture of the card.

Advertisement: This trip was supported by my local host Hotel Gemma and 50plus Hotels Österreich

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