Walserbus in Kleinwalsertal

Walserbus in Kleinwalsertal, Austria

Kleinwalsertal is one of the largest tourism destinations in Austria. How to avoid huge jams along the central streets? The Walserbus is a clever answer to this question. Each guest gets a guest card from his host valid for all lines between the state border and Baad.


Coach tour in Lermoos

Coach trip in Lermoos, Austria

The coach tour started on a rainy afternoon. Sitting on a coach on a cold day doesn’t sound that cozy but on the other hand they offered an intriguing add-on: There would be a wine tasting. Ok, that sounds heart-warming, doesn’t it?


Lermoos in Tyrol

Mountain view from Lermoos, Austria

Lermoos is a municipality in the Austrian state of Tyrol. You find it at the northern border of Tyrol. The photo above shows a view of the mountains nearby taken from the outskirts of Lermoos. The odd sign in the foreground refers to a former ancient Roman boardwalk across the swamp.


A good travel photo is about emotions

Landscape near Kroatisch-Minihof, Austria

Glancing through my photos of my latest trip in Burgenland, I came across this pic. I took it from my room’s window early in the morning. Immediately I got the feeling from that morning again.

This silence. This beauty.

For me, a good travel photo is about emotions. It would not only describe the place the photographer had been. To a greater degree, it would catch the feelings the photographer had at that place.

What do you think?


Silence of Burgenland

Silence in Burgenland

After staying a night in the attic of a former border station (‘Altes Zollhaus’) I had this great view from my room early in the morning. There was a kind of silence in the scenery. Only a rooster crewed from time to time.


Pannonian draw well in Podersdorf

Pannonian draw well in Podersdorf, Austria

A reconstruction of a draw well seen next to my hotel in Podersdorf. This kind of well is typical for the Pannonian steppe.