Sator square in Golling/Salzach

Satore square in Golling / Salzach, Austria

A sator square seen on a facade in Golling an der Salzach. The sator square, also known as rotas square, is a palindrome which one can read horizontally and vertically, forward and backward. The oldest datable representation of a sator square was found in Pompeii.

Castles Museums

Golling Castle in Golling / Salzach

Railview of Golling Castle

On a train journey from Bischofshofen to Salzburg I took this photo of Golling Castle (Burg Golling) through the train windows. The castle houses a museum of local history.


Sundial in Golling / Salzach

Sundial in Golling, Austria

A sundial seen at an old inn located in a city called Golling an der Salzach. The saying in the right bottom corner tells that this clock is not counting the cloudy hours which is actually a pun. The German term trüb describes a weather condition as well as a mood. So the phrase invites people not to stick to a bad mood.