Glockenspiel in Goslar

Glockenspiel at Kaiserringhaus in Goslar, Germany

The Glockenspiel at the Kaiserringhaus in Goslar shows miners at work four times a day. In addition, the carillon bells play tunes like the Steigerlied. That way, the Glockenspiel call attention to the nearby Rammelsberg Mine.


Medieval hospital in Goslar

Medieval hospital in Goslar, Germany

In the year 1254, a hospital for people in need, invalids and orphans, but also for pilgrims has been erected in Goslar. Today the building, which is generally known by its German name ‘Große Heilige Kreuz’, still houses flats for retired people. In another part of the former hospital, you can visit a couple of craftspeople in their shops.


Double-crooked building in Goslar

Double crooked building in Goslar, Germany

On my way from the centre of Goslar to the Imperial Palace (Kaiserpfalz) I came across this double-crooked building in the middle of a row of half-timbered houses. I guess, it wouldn’t be that easy to buy furniture for this home?


House Kaiserworth in Goslar

View of the figures representing six emperors

The house with the name Kaiserworth was built in 15th century as guildhall for the cloth merchants. At this time they were the wealthiest people in the city and so the building looks like. Today it houses a hotel and restaurant. The figures represents different emperors.