Roeder Gallery at Rammelsberg Mine

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Roeder Gallery at Rammelsberg Mine, Germany

There are several underground tours exploring the Rammelsberg Mine. I took the shortest one which goes through the Roeder Gallery. On this tour you follow the route of the water, channelled into the mine to set big water wheels in motion.

Following this route helps to understand how clever the miners used the power of water for driving their tools. Don’t be afraid about the photo above. It’s just an impression of another tunnel you will get while following the guided tour. The path itself is well prepared and save. Wearing sturdy shoes and clothes which don’t mind to get dirty are important though.

An interesting follow-up of such a tour can be a visit of the Upper Harz Water Regale, which gives an impression how the miners stored and diverted the water for their mines. Both, Rammelsberg Mine and Upper Harz Water Regale, are listed as World Heritage Sites.