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High wheel in Haus

High wheel in Haus, Austria

On my tour through the Styrian place Haus I came across this high wheeler. Well, honestly speaking riding this kind of bike seems pretty uncomfortable to me. Have you ever tried such a high wheel? And do you know the term penny-farthing for this kind of bike?


Memento mori in Haus

Sundial at the winter museum in Haus, Austria

On a walk through the village of Haus, I came across this sundial with a thoughtful adage. It is written in old German: ‘Eyne von diesen wird auch die deyne seyn’. Translated it means: One of these hours will be yours. This is a kind of memento mori reminding us everybode will die one day (hour).

Coat of arms

Coat of arms of Hieronymus von Colloredo

Emblem of Hieronymus of Colloredo in Haus, Austria

The colourful emblem of Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg Hieronymus von Colloredo seen at a building in the Styrian market town Haus.

Disclosure: This trip was supported by 50plus Hotels Österreich and Panoramahotel Gürtl


Symbols at a wooden building in Haus

Wooden symbols at a building in Haus, AustriaElaborately shaped tenons (next to the lantern) seen at a wooden building in the Styrian place Haus.


Gender gap at a church in Haus

Gender gap at a church in Haus, Austria

Interesting detail seen at the Baroque church of Haus im Ennstal: Gentlemen are sitting at the right pews, for the ladies are the left pews reserved. At the right side there is one row less than at the left side. That means: Gentlemen have more space between the rows.


Sundial at a church in Haus

Sundial at a church in Haus, Austria

Colorful sundial seen at a church in Haus. The phrase one can see below the sundial is a kind of memento mori: “Wer an dieser Uhr ersieht die Stunden dieser Zeit denkt deren eine schickt mich einst in die Ewigkeit”.


Hauser Kaibling in Styria

Summit of Hauser Kaibling, Austria

Only a pink sheep was witness: After a small climb, I enrolled myself into the summit register (Gipfelbuch) of the Hauser Kaibling. Speaking about sheep: There is an interesting trail about sheep around the summit.

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Project Schafsinn in Haus

Herd of sheep in Haus, Austria

A cute project in Haus, a place in the Austrian province Styria: Schafsinn. At a mountain next to Haus there is a theme path where people are told about the life of sheep. One can not only read the info boards along the path but also meet the sheep grazing up and down the hill.

Disclosure: This trip was supported by 50plus Hotels Österreich and Panoramahotel Gürtl

Urban Walks

Walks around Haus im Ennstal

Panorama view from hotel Gürtl

Today I am invited by 50plus Hotels Österreich to be a guest of the Panoramahotel Gürtl in Haus. I look forward to experience a hiking tour and having a barbecue with a great view.

The program this afternoon:

Looking for some sheep at Hauser Kaibling

A visit at the Museum of Wintersport

Walk through the place Haus im Ennstal

Joining a barbecue with a great view.