Monument to a Huckup in Hildesheim

Monument to a huckup in Hildesheim, Germany

This monument dedicated to a legendary figure named Huckup was created by Carl Röder in 1905. The Huckup is a sort of Aufhocker, an undead who bothers hikers. I don’t give much for the idea of getting haunted by an undead but I like the interpretation for the Hildesheim Huckup.


Bhairava statue in Hildesheim

Bhairava statue in Hildesheim, Germany

On my photo walk through Hildesheim I came across this replica of a Bhairava statue next to the Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum. The replica was created for an exhibition about Indonesian art and culture in the year 1995.


Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum in Hildesheim

New building of the Romer- und Pelizaeus-Museum

The Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum in Hildesheim is mostly dedicated to Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Peruvian art. It also offers a big collection of Chinese porcelain and some stuff in Natural History.

Churches World Heritage Sites

Hezilo chandelier in Hildesheim

Hezilo chandelier (11th century) in Hildesheim, Germany

Amazing piece of art, isn’t it? The 11th century Romanesque wheel chandelier is composed of a circular hoop which is 6 metres in diameter. It is placed in the Hildesheim Cathedral and was named after Bishop Hezilo of Hildesheim.

World Heritage Sites

Thousand-year rose of Hildesheim

Thousand-year rose of Hildesheim in Germany

The Rose of Hildesheim grows on a wall of the Hildesheim Cathedral, which has been on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites since 1985. The rose bush, a Rosa canina or wild dog rose, is believed to be the oldest living rose in the world.

Urban Walks

Ell at the city hall of Hildesheim

Ell at the city hall of Hildesheim, Germany

In the past fabrics were measured in ells (Ellen). In order to have a uniform standard for the whole market such ells were displayed at central places in the city. The Elle of Hildesheim is shown at the city hall.

Public Art

Contemporary soffit at Butcher’s Guildhall in Hildesheim

Contemporary soffit at the Butcher's Guildhall in Hildesheim, Germany

The most famous building at the market place of Hildesheim is probably the guildhall of the butchers (Knochenhaueramtshaus). It was destroyed in March 1945 and has been completely restored after 1986. I was surprised to see that some of the old soffits got contemporary paintings obviously influenced by the cruelty of World War II.