Castello di Fagagna

Castle ruin of Fagagna in Friuli, Italy

On our way from the Oasi dei Quadris Bird Park to the Cjase Cocel Museum, we stopped at the Castello di Fagagna. Almost nothing remained of the castle from the 10th century, but the view of the landscape invited us to linger. [German]


Sundial in Merano

Sundial in Merano, Italy

While I walked through Merano in Italy, I came across this sundial. I was impressed by how many elements and codes are compiled in this depiction. For example, you see the motto of Friedrich III. (A.E.I.O.U.) as well as a skull with an hourglass on top of it. [German]


Villa Manin in Codroipo

Villa Manin in Codroipo, Italy

On 17 October 1797, France and Austria signed the Treaty of Campo Formio in this villa. This event ended the War of the First Coalition. Today, the estate houses a collection of antique carriages and an armoury. In addition, the villa is a popular venue. [German]


Sundial in Udine

Sundial in Udine, Italy

On my urban walk through Udine I come across this sundial. I like the modern style. Unfortunately I don’t know the meaning of Nulla Fluat Quin Doctura. It sounds like you should teach them, there is no flow. Which flow?