Castello di Fagagna

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Castle ruin of Fagagna in Friuli, Italy

On our way from the Oasi dei Quadris Bird Park to the Cjase Cocel Museum, we stopped at the Castello di Fagagna. Almost nothing remained of the castle from the 10th century, but the view of the landscape invited us to linger. [German]

Castello di Fagagna

The castle was first mentioned in 983 in a letter from Emperor Otto II. Together with other fortifications, it was supposed to control the route foreign peoples used to enter Italy from the Nord East.

Over time, the castle fell into disrepair, and only the former keep lives on as the beautiful bell tower of Fagana. Fragments of the other buildings found their way into the Municipality’s Palazzo della Comunit√†.

I didn’t pay much attention to the historical details. What impressed me was the combination of cold dark brickwork and a row of vibrant green cypresses.

They tempted me to go to the edge of the former castle hill and to look over the wide valley. A white stork from the Oasi dei Quadris Bird Park approached the scenery just in time to complete the postcard motif.

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  • Link Description of the Castello di Fagagna on the local tourism website
  • Link Official website of Fagagna
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