Templar museum

The templar museum at Lockenhaus Castle (Austria) presents the history of the Knights Templar. Besides that, it tells about Austrian places related to this military order.

Painting lessons at Lockenhaus Castle

Lets play ‘Guess the movie’! This photo was taken at that castle where I created a painting with some coffee and gold leaf. There is still some gold at my finger so about which movie I am speaking?

Coffee art at Lockenhaus Castle, Austria

After taking a lesson in making Latte Art I did it again: Making art with coffee. At Lockenhaus Castle I took a class in painting with coffee and gold run by the Austrian artist Stefanie Moro.

Are there vampires at Lockenhaus Castle?

Lockenhaus Castle houses a breeding place for bats and an interesting exhibition about these animals. One of us even saw a bat in her room. Well, some of us joked it could also had been a vampire. Bah! There are no vampires!

Room Elisabeth at Lockenhaus Castle

At Lockenhaus Castle I stayed at the room ‘Elisabeth’. Whereas the room was old fashioned furnitured, the bathroom was pretty modern. It was a corner room so I had a great view of the place Lockenhaus and parts of the castle itself.

Acrylic art at Lockenhaus Castle

Right below the walls of Lockenhaus Castle (Burg Lockenhaus) in Burgenland, I took a class about working with acrylic paint led by Elisabeth Holzschuster. Well, how do you like my first work? It is named ‘Blue car on a rainy day’.

Iron Maiden at Lockenhaus Castle

A ‘Eiserne Jungfrau’ (Iron Maiden) seen at Lockenhaus Castle. Though such devices are often  shown at castles they are supposed not had been used at all. Probably they were just show pieces inspired by another device called ‘Schandmantel’ (Spanish Coat). Eiserne Jungfrau (Wikipedia) Schandmantel (Wikipedia)