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Templar museum at Lockenhaus Castle in Burgenland, Austria

The templar museum at Lockenhaus Castle (Austria) presents the history of the Knights Templar. Besides that, it tells about Austrian places related to this military order.

You find the exhibition rooms next to a supposed sacral place of the Templars inside the castle. Several display cases show text and sketches. A figurine of a knight makes the presentation more lively.

Even though I don’t agree with every theory shown, I recommend a visit. For me, the most intriguing detail was the story of why Lockenhaus was a site of the Knights Templar.

I visited the templar museum after I had taken a class in the art of painting next to the castle. By the way, Lockenhaus Castle also offers a bunch of info about the life of bats. There is even a bat sanctuary inside the castle.

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Disclosure: This trip was supported by Kreativreisen Österreich

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