Open-Air Museum Gerersdorf

Open air museum in Gerersdorf, Austria

The Austrian state of Burgenland is part of the Pannonian culture sphere. Compared to the Alpine regions of Austria, life is different in this plain area. The open-air museum of Gerersdorf tells you more about the Pannonian farm life of the last three centuries.


Podersdorf Windmill

The windmill of Podersdorf, Austria

There are only two operable windmills in Austria. One of them stands in Podersdorf, a place in the Austrian state of Burgenland. The Association for the Preservation of the Podersdorf Windmill offers guided tours with


Templar museum

Templar museum at Lockenhaus Castle in Burgenland, Austria

The templar museum at Lockenhaus Castle (Austria) presents the history of the Knights Templar. Besides that, it tells about Austrian places related to this military order.


Blaue Kreuz in Kittsee

The Blue Cross of Kittsee, Austria

The ‘Blaue Kreuz‘ (Blue Cross) is a colourful piety column in Kittsee, a small town in the Austrian state of Burgenland. The column is dated 1752 and shows a Pietà. Considering it is exposed to wind and weather, I was surprised by how bright-coloured this column looked.


Blaudruckerei Koó

At the Blaudruckerei Koó in Steinberg-Dörfl, Austria

The Blaudruckerei Koó in Steinberg-Dörfl, established in 1921, is one of the last businesses in Europe using the traditional technique of Indigo hand block printing. Visitors of this company in a small place in Burgenland will learn about the machines, materials and pattern used in this technique.