A pig breed named Mangalitza in Burgenland

A pig breed named Mangalitza in Burgenland, Austria

On my biking tour along the Neusiedler See I came across a special breed of curly-hair hog. In Austria they are called Mangalitza. One can often see this name on the restaurant’s menus in that part of Burgenland.


A facade full of hopes and sorrows

A fascade full of hopes and sorrows in Podersdorf, Austria

An interesting detail of Podersdorf: The façade of a parish building is decorated with phrases written down by the people of the place. It reminded me of a kind of Twitter wall, but in Podersdorf the phrases at the wall will last for a longer time.


The windmill of Podersdorf

The windmill of Podersdorf, Austria

There are only two windmills in Austria still to see. One of them is the windmill of Retz and the second one is this one in Podersdorf. The owner of the windmill  in Podersdorf offers guided tours telling about the life of a miller.


Pannonian draw well in Podersdorf

Pannonian draw well in Podersdorf, Austria

A reconstruction of a draw well seen next to my hotel in Podersdorf. This kind of well is typical for the Pannonian steppe.


Pannonian herder’s hut in Podersdorf

Pannonian herder's hut in Podersdorf, Austria

Reconstruction of a typical Pannonian herder’s hut seen in Podersdorf.


Breakfast at Mole West in Neusiedl am See

Breakfast at Mole West in Neusiedl am See, Austria

On my way to Podersdorf I had breakfast at Mole West, a stylish restaurant at the shores of Neusiedlersee Lake. I had scrambled eggs with dried tomatoes and Grana Padano. Scrambled eggs are one of my most favourite dishes for breakfast. What about you?

Churches Joseph Haydn

Bergkirche in Eisenstadt

Burial place of composer Joseph Haydn in Eisenstadt, Austria

The church named Bergkirche (Hill Church) was founded in 1715. It is also called Haydnkirche as the Austrian composer Joseph Haydn is buried in a mausoleum inside. A strange detail is the fact that Haydn was buried without head first as the skull had been stolen. After finding his skull in Vienna his body has been completed in 1954.

Joseph Haydn Museums

Haydn-Haus in Eisenstadt

Haydn-Haus in Eisenstadt, Austria

Austrian composer Joseph Haydn lived in this building from 1766 to 1778. Today it houses a museum telling about the private live of the composer. So I heard about his wife  Anna Aloysia in this museum the first time. Another interesting museum about Joseph Haydn is located in his former home in Vienna.

Castles Directories

Castles in Burgenland

Schloss Esterházy in Eisenstadt, AustriaBurgenland is the youngest state of Austria. Though ‘Burgen’ is the German term for castles the name of this state originates to several cities whose names end with ‘-burg’. Burgenland ist divided into nine political districts (Bezirk) and two statutory cities (Statutarstadt)