Early birds vs early cats in Kukmirn

Cat having breakfast

‘The early bird gets the worm’, but the early cat gets the breakfast! A fun experience while staying in Kukmirn, a pretty rural place in the Austrian state Burgenland.

Latte Art in Oberwart

Latte Art in Oberwart, Austria

The first stop of our creative tour through Burgenland was a coffee shop in Oberwart. At the stylish Stromberger Coffee to Go we had the chance to watch how to make Latte Art.

Latte Art in Oberwart, Austria

Here you are! After a few minutes the first results were available for a photo. The procedure was presented by Franziska, proud mother of Jasmin Stromberger who took the 2nd place of a Latte Art competition lately. Some photos of her works are shown at this Austrian page: Kaffeekunst zum Trinken

Chain saw art at Lockenhaus Castle

Chain saw art at Lockenhaus Castle, Austria

While I was trying to make some peaceful art like a painting several ladies of my group were interested to make something more adventourus. They joined a lesson in creating art with a chain saw instructed by Michael Schlapschy. After finishing my painting lesson I was curious to see how the ladies created things like racks for DVDs just by a tree trunk and a chain saw.

Disclosure: This trip was supported by Kreativreisen Österreich

Iron Maiden at Lockenhaus Castle

Iron maiden at Lockenhaus Castle, Austria

A ‘Eiserne Jungfrau’ (Iron Maiden) seen at Lockenhaus Castle. Though such devices are often  shown at castles they are supposed not had been used at all. Probably they were just show pieces inspired by another device called ‘Schandmantel’ (Spanish Coat).

Hell, a weird place name in Austria

Place name sign of Hell, Austria

Fun: On my bike ride through the lovely landscape on the shores of the Neusiedler Lake (Neusiedler See), I entered a region named Hölle (Eng.: hell). What weird names of places do you know?