Having Tafelspitz in Deutschkreutz

Tafelspitz at a Heuriger in Deutschkreutz, Austria

‘Big’ surprise at a Heuriger in Burgenland: At the Schnitzelheuriger Posch I got this huge portion of Tafelspitz. If you would like to learn more about this traditional Austrian dish have a look here: Article on Wikipedia.


Silence of Burgenland

Silence in Burgenland

After staying a night in the attic of a former border station (‘Altes Zollhaus’) I had this great view from my room early in the morning. There was a kind of silence in the scenery. Only a rooster crewed from time to time.

Castles Palaces

Deutschkreutz Castle in Deutschkreutz

Deutschkreutz Castle in Burgenland, Austria

At Deutschkreutz Castle (Schloss Deutschkreutz) I had a guided tour by owner Anton Lehmden. Artist Anton Lehmden is member of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism and is presenting many of his works in the rooms of the castle.


Sacral room of the Templars at Lockenhaus Castle

Sacral room of the templar at Lockenhaus Castle in Burgenland, Austria

After walking through the Templar museum at Lockenhaus Castle I came across this mysterious room. It is said to be a sacred site of the Templars. Other voices say it is just a cistern.


Painting lessons at Lockenhaus Castle

Art lesson with gold

Lets play ‘Guess the movie’! This photo was taken at that castle where I created a painting with some coffee and gold leaf. There is still some gold at my finger so about which movie I am speaking?


Coffee art at Lockenhaus Castle, Austria

Coffe art at Lockenhaus Castle

After taking a lesson in making Latte Art I did it again: Making art with coffee. At Lockenhaus Castle I took a class in painting with coffee and gold run by the Austrian artist Stefanie Moro.


Are there vampires at Lockenhaus Castle?

Mirror at room Elisabeth at Lockenhaus Castle, Austria

Lockenhaus Castle houses a breeding place for bats and an interesting exhibition about these animals. One of us even saw a bat in her room. Well, some of us joked it could also had been a vampire. Bah! There are no vampires!


Room Elisabeth at Lockenhaus Castle

Room Elisabeth at Lockenhaus Castle in Burgenland, Austria

At Lockenhaus Castle I stayed at the room ‘Elisabeth’. Whereas the room was old fashioned furnitured, the bathroom was pretty modern. It was a corner room so I had a great view of the place Lockenhaus and parts of the castle itself.


Leaning tower of Pisa in Rechnitz

Leaning tower of Pisa in Rechnitz, Austria

At the Apartment Hotel Loigge in Rechnitz where I took a painting lesson, I came across this artwork made of a root. It could be a good explanation for why the leaning tower of Pisa is still standing today.


An Austrian wine named Uhudler

Uhudler, a wine in Burgenland

At a wine store in Bildein I tried a very special Austrian wine named ‘Uhudler’. This wine with its flavours of strawberry and black currant has an interesting story to offer. It was even prohibited for several years!


Open air museum in Gerersdorf

Open air museum in Gerersdorf, Austria

At a place called Gerersdorf located near Güssing an ensemble of 32 objects shows the way of Pannonian living in the 18th and 19th century.

I visited this open air museum in July 2012. Most interesting fact: There were a lot of activities inside the buildings like baking bread and restoring old furniture. I even saw a workshop for glass. These activities were organised by Creative Travel Burgenland (Kreativreisen Burgenland)


Early birds vs early cats in Kukmirn

Cat having breakfast

‘The early bird gets the worm’ but the early cat gets the breakfast! A fun experience while staying in Kukmirn, a pretty rural place in the Austrian state Burgenland.