Kunsttischlerei Potzmann in Litzelsdorf

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Kunsttischlerei Potzmann in Litzelsdorf, Austria

At the Kunsttischlerei (cabinet maker) Potzmann I got in touch with Mr. Franz Potzmann who is not only a restorer for furniture but also offers lessons in restoring furniture yourself. After a small interview in the garden of his house, where also his lessons take place on sunny days, I had the chance to polish a small box myself.

Chairs at Kunsttischlerei Potzmann, Austria

After taking so many lessons in art I was curious to learn what such a class in restoring furniture would have to offer. I guessed it would be a different experience, as restoring something obviously needs more knowledge than creativity. Surprisingly it wasn’t that difficult I had expected. So I learned how to renew a veneer of a box or a table and finally I polished a small box.

Snail at the Kunsttischlerei Potzmann, Austria

After leaving the workshop I came across a model of a snail in the inner yard of Mr. Potzmann’s dreamy old house and it occurred to me that we all should slow down our lives by spending some hours for restoring our goods instead of buying new ones on the spot.

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