Painted apiary in Olimje

In the areas of Slovenian Styria (Slovenska Štajerska), Carniola (Kranjska)and the Austrian state of Carinthia (Kärnten) one can find these traditionally painted bee boards (Panjske končnice). With the help of these paintings, beekeepers were able to find the right hive.

Krampus procession in Gnigl

The Krampus procession (Krampuslauf) is a tradition generally performed on a certain day from the beginning of the advent season up to the first half of January. People organised in groups named Pass run in costumes created by themselves through the streets and try to frighten the spectators.

Moravian Star in Quedlinburg

On my walk through Quedlinburg, I came across this Moravian Star. Generally, it is an Advent decoration popular in Germany and in other places where there are Moravian congregations. The German name Herrnhuter Stern refers to the city of Herrnhut where the stars were first commercially produced.

Hoch- und Deutschmeister band in Vienna

On certain days one can watch the Hoch- und Deutschmeister band in Vienna playing in their traditional uniforms of before 1918. This military band has its origins in the k.u.k. Lower Austrian Infantry Regiment Hoch- und Deutschmeister No. 4. [German]

Blaudruckerei Koó in Steinberg-Dörfl

The Blaudruckerei Koó, established in 1921, is one of the last businesses in Europe using the traditional technique of Indigo hand block printing. Visitors of this company in a small place in Burgenland will learn about the machines, materials and pattern used in this technique.

Maypole in Schorndorf

A maypole at the market place of Schorndorf. The signs placed at the maypole represents different industries working in the city. Are there similar maypoles in your region?

Perchtenlauf in Judenburg

The Perchtenlauf (Procession of Perchten) in Judenburg was the first Perchtenlauf I have ever watched. I was impressed with how scary the masks looked like. Though I don’t think that a Perchtenlauf in the mid of November is really traditional I like the idea of this event and recommend to watch such a procession if you…

Working with a Ölkuh in Styria

Me and the ‘Ölkuh’. By pounding a wedge into this traditional tool the pumpkin seeds stored in the two plates of bright wood get pressed and delicious pumpkin seed oil drops into the bowl below.

Ölkuh in Styria

On my tour through Styria I came across a tool named ‘Ölkuh’ (literally translated: Oil cow). This is a traditional tool to produce pumpkin seed oil in my home region Styria. Have a look how to use such a ‘Ölkuh’.

Fingerhakeln in Ehrenhausen

Fun sculpture seen in Ehrenhausen, a place in the Austrian state of Styria. It shows a tradition called Fingerhakeln (finger wrestling) which is especially known in Austria and Bavaria.

Parade of miners wearing an ‘Arschleder’

An interesting detail seen at a celebration for miners in Leoben. The miners are wearing a so called ‘Arschleder’ (German), also known as breech leather or miner’s apron. It served to keep the seat of the trousers from wearing out when sliding down to the tunnels as well as keeping out the cold and moisture when sitting.