Finger pulling in Ehrenhausen

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Sculpture "Finger Pulling" in Ehrenhausen

On a sunny spring day in 2012, I came across this sculpture in Ehrenhausen. At first view, it looked like public art portraying something fictitious. But this is wrong. It stands for a real sport with official championships: Finger pulling.

Finger pulling (Fingerhackeln)

In Austria and Bavaria, the German name of this sport is Fingerhackeln. For a long time, I didn’t know there were tournaments in finger pulling. We used to play Fingerhackeln at school. Back then, it was a harmless trial of strength among us wannabe Arnold Schwarzeneggers.

Sources / More info

  • Link Description of this tradition on Wikipedia
  • Link Report about this sport on Youtube

First published: Apr 09, 2012 / Last update: May 13, 2023