Zwiebelmusterhaus in Sankt Pölten

View of the saint at the Zwiebelmusterhaus

The Zwiebelmusterhaus in Sank Pölten is noted for its wall decoration of 168 plates. By the way, you often see the statue of a saint at the corner of a building in Austria.

Bus Steyr 480A in Payerbach

Bus Steyr 480a at railway station Payerbach-Reichenau

Classic bus Steyr 480A built in 1957 seen on the grounds of the railway station Payerbach-Reichenau in the Austrian state Lower Austria (Niederösterreich). This bus was operated by the Austrian mail service (Österreichische Post) which used to offer public transportation as well.

Horseshoe tower in Tulln

Ancient Roman tower in Tulln, Austria

The Horseshoe Tower (Hufeisenturm) in Tulln is a remain of an ancient Roman settlement named Comagena or Comagenis. Many parts of the tower are still from 4th century. The building is named after the shape of its groundplan which reminds of a horseshoe (Hufeisen).

Huge spiderweb in St Pölten

Huge spiderweb (Public art) in St Pölten, Austria

On my walk through St. Pölten I came across this huge spiderweb. I guess it was sort of public art. Well, I do hope it was just public art.