Myths Sculptures

The ‘Hundefräulein’ at Schloss Schallaburg

Dog lady at Schallaburg Palace, Austria

Looking at the sculptures decorating the courtyard of Schallaburg Castle (Schloss Schallaburg), you may discover the ‘Hundefräulein‘. This is a sculpture showing a lady with a dog’s head. Schallaburg Castle is a Renaissance castle located in Lower Austria and houses notable exhibitions every year.

Abbeys Sundials

Sundial at Seitenstetten Abbey

Sundial at a chimney of Seitenstetten Abbey

The inscription “Ora et Labora” refers to the motto of the Benedictines. It translates into “Pray and Work”. The depiction is located on a chimney of Seitenstetten Abbey (Stift Seitenstetten). This is a large Benedictine monastery in the Austrian region of Mostviertel.


‘Roman bridge’ in Scheibbs

16th century stone bridge in Scheibbs, AustriaThis stone bridge was built in 1554 by Valentin Staudinger. The bridge using a rock in the middle of the river is considered to be the oldest still existing bridge crossing the Erlauf river. The name ‘Roman Bridge’ (Römerbrücke) for a 16th century bridge is odd but there is an assumption that the Romans used the same rock as base for their bridge.

Elephants Restaurants Signs

Black Elephant inn in Scheibbs

Inn sign of the Black Elephant inn in Scheibbs, Austria

Inn sign of the Black Elephant inn (Zum Schwarzen Elefanten), an inn which was first mentioned in 1541.


Museum of historical target boards in Scheibbs

Museum of historical targets in Scheibbs, Austria

The museum of historical targets displays a collection of target boards (Schützenscheiben) dating from 1670 up to 1941 used by the local rifle club (Schützenverein). In general, these boards display scenes of daily life, local events and even important persons of history.

Castles Neo-Gothic

Rothschild Castle in Waidhofen/Ybbs

Rothschild Castle in Waidhofen/Ybbs, Austria

After staying a night at the former Zell Manor I came across this castle on my morning walk. It is generally known as Rothschild Castle (Rothschildschloss) since it was rebuilt in the style of neo-Gothic by Albert Salomon Anselm von Rothschild.

Accommodations Castles Hotels

Zell Manor in Waidhofen/Ybbs

Schloss an der Eisenstrasse in Waidhofen/Ybbs, Austria

The former Zell Manor (Schloss Zell) serves as hotel with the name “Das Schloss an der Eisenstrasse” now. I spend a night at this building in the style of early Baroque and was especially impressed by staying that near to Rothschild Castle (Rothschildschloss) and the old part of Waidhofen/Ybbs.

Gorges Trails

Hiking along the Mendlingtal

Gorge at the Mendlingtal, Austria

The trail along the Mendlingtal is a path of about 3 kilometres. It leads from a theme park about logging up to a former Hammerherrenhaus (Home of the owner of a hammer mill). The scenery is changing several times. Sometimes one walk along a tame creek, sometimes one walk along footbridges high over a stream in full spate.

Industrial Heritage

Log driving at Mendlingtal

Log driving at Mendlingtal, Austria

At the theme park Mendlingtal there is a chance to watch log drivers at work. In the photo above some workers are trying to put the logs through the last weir before the logs will arrive at the timber mill.

Industrial Heritage

Timber mill at Mendlingtal

Venetian saw at Mendlingtal, Austria

Everybody knows the scenery of American Old West. Can we see anything similar in good old Austria too? Sure! The photo shown above was taken at a theme park in Mendlingtal Valley in Mostviertel. The park is all about logging in earlier times. The building in the background is housing a Venetian saw dating back to 1907.

Industrial Heritage Museums

Schmiedegesellenhaus at Mendlingtal

Schmiedegesellenhaus at the Mendlingtal, Austria

At the theme park Mendlingtal the former building for the young blacksmiths (Schmiedegesellen) serves as museum now. Inside one can learn about the life of the blacksmiths, woodcutters and the owners of the hammer mills named Hammerherren.


Gipfelklänge 2013 in Mostviertel

The festival ‘Gipfelklänge’ in Mostviertel offered two days of hiking through the landscape of nature park Eisenwurzen while listening to music at some places along the hiking tour. At the picture above one can see the group ‘Saxofour’