Rothschild Castle in Waidhofen/Ybbs

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Rothschild Castle in Waidhofen/Ybbs, Austria

After staying a night at the former Zell Manor, I came across this castle on my morning walk. It is generally known as Rothschild Castle (Rothschildschloss) since it was rebuilt in Neo-Gothic style by Albert Salomon Anselm von Rothschild.

Modern elements by Hans Hollein

During a general renovation of the castle, star architect Hans Hollein added several modern elements to the old walls. For example, a glass cube houses a venue high over the city.


The castle houses the local city museum. Its German name 5-Elemente-Museum originates from the idea of telling the city’s history by grouping the items into 5 elements:

  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Metall
  • Water
  • Wood

Sources / More info

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