Puch 500 Cabrio (1965) in Poysdorf

Puch 500 Cabrio (1965) in Poysdorf, Austria

The Austrian Puch 500 had been built in the years 1956-1972. The car depicted above was converted by Friedrich Parisch in a very special way. After reducing the height to 40 cm, it was able to be transported by a caravan.

Trails Wine

Wine & Bible Trail in Poysdorf

Wine & Bible Trail (1) around the parish church of Poysdorf, Austria

Along the walls next to the parish church of Poysdorf there is a wine & bible trail displaing quote from the bible mentioning wine. Walking along this trail gives you some great insights about the correct use of wine and probably some good points for buying more wine at the nearby wine store (Weinmarkt) of Poysdorf..


Public book box in Poysdorf

Public library in a former phone box in Poysdorf, Austria

Fun! There is a public library inside a former phone box in Poysdorf. You can take some books for free without asking. You are only ought to bring them back or to put in some other books instead.


Sundial in Poysdorf

Sundial with grapes in Poysdorf, AustriaSundial with grapes in Poysdorf. The grapes refer to the fact that Poysdorf is famous for its vineyards surrounding the place.

Cuisine Restaurants

Greaves dumplings with Veltliner sauerkraut

Greaves dumplins with Veltliner sauerkraut in Poysdorf, Austria

At the Schreiber Inn (Gasthaus Schreiber) next to the former railway station of Poysdorf I had some greaves dumplings with Veltliner sauerkraut for lunch. Poysdorf is known for vineyards full of Green Veltliner so you will often see Veltliner Sauerkraut in the menus of local gastronomy.

Murals Signs

Sign of a shoe shop in Poysdorf

Mural promoting the shoe shop Eisinger in Poysdorf, Austria

This huge mural promotes the shoe shop Eisinger (Eisinger Schuhhaus) located at the Brunngasse 11 in Poysdorf.


Vogelsang mill in Poysdorf

Window front of the Vogelsang mill (Vogelsangmühle) in Poysdorf, Austria

Windowfront of the Vogelsang mill (Vogelsangmühle), a Renaissance building in Poysdorf. The building makes a sunken impression but actually it was the nearby street which has been raised in course of time.

Public Art Sculptures

Sculpture park in Poysdorf

Naked man and woman at the sculpture park in Poysdorf, Austria

Next to the WEIN+TRAUBEN Welt (Wine & Grapes Universum) of the Vinoversum in Poysdorf there is a sculpture park displaying works created by the sculptor Martin Messinger. The naked man and the lady standing at the road between Vienna and Brno are just eye catchers for the park which is hidden behind the wall.

Museums Wine

Hall of grapes in Poysdorf

Parliament of wine bottles inside the hall of grapes in Poysdorf, Austria

The hall of grapes (Traubenhalle) is one part of the Vino Versum in Poysdorf. The hall houses an exhibition about the history of wine and the relationship between wine growing and Poysdorf. One fun exhibit is the parliament of bottles which depicts the parliament of Austria by wine bottles.

Lanes Wine

Wine cellar lane Radyweg in Poysdorf

The Radyweg, the longest wine cellar lane of Poysdorf, Austria

View of the Radyweg, which is considered to be the longest wine cellar lane (Kellergasse) of Poysdorf. In earlier times the buildings were used as wine cellars or wine press houses. During a guided tour I was told the lenght of all cellars in Poysdorf sums up to 60 kilometres!

Public Art Wine

Street art in Poysdorf

Street art in Poysdorf, Austria

Poysdorf, a place famous for its wine in the Austrian state of Lower Austria, is coverd with 100+ depictions of wine bottles each decorated by a different artist. Love No. 55 which I found in the beginning of the hollow way Radyweg.


Nine-pin bowling alley in Poysdorf

Traditional nine-pin bowling alley in Poysdorf, AustriaAt the open air museum of the Vino Versum in Poysdorf I came across this traditional nine-pine bowling alley. In former times such an alley was part of a well equipped inn. The location was generally outside so there was much room for the audience.