Church of St. Cyriakus in Gernrode

St. Cyriakus in Gernrode, Germany

St. Cyriakus was built in 10th century and is an example of Ottonian architecture. Inside one can find a late 11th century copy of the grave of Christ. I was especially surprised by the fact that the layout of this church has a lack of right angles. The church is part of the Transromanica.


Statue of Roland in Quedlinburg

Quedlinburg Roland at the city hall of Quedlinburg, Germany

In many German cities you can see such statues simple called Roland. in former times these statues indicated that this place was privileged with city rights. Generally they were placed next to the city hall or at the market place so everybody could see this sign of privileges.

Architecture Historism

Former district administration building in Quedlinburg

Former district administration building in Quedlinburg, Germany

Once upon a time administration buildings in Germany were built like castles. This district administration for the district Quedlinburg was built in 1902 in the style of Historicism. I wonder which kind of offices had been behind all of those different types of windows?

Churches Sculptures World Heritage Sites

Crucifix at Collegiate Church in Quedlinburg

Crucifix by Thomas Leu in Collegiate Church of Quedlinburg

In 2006 there was a need for a new crucifix inside the St. Servatius Collegiate Church of Quedlinburg Abbey. An artist from Halle, Mr. Thomas Leu, was chosen to create this crucifix made of aluminium.


Klopstock House in Quedlinburg

Klopstock House in Quedlinburg, Germany

German writer Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock was born in this building on July 2nd, 1724. Today it houses a museum about his works, e.g. about his epic poem ‘The Messiah’ (Der Messias). Besides that the museum tells about other famous personages who used to live in Quedlinburg like Dorothea Erxleben, Johann GutsMuths and Carl Ritter.


Museum about timber framing in Quedlinburg

Museum in Ständerbau in Quedlinburg, Germany

The museum about timber framing (Fachwerkmuseum) is located in one of the oldest houses of Quedlinburg, a 14th-century building named Ständerbau. Inside a series of models show the different styles of half-timbered buildings in course of time.


Moravian Star in Quedlinburg

Moravian star in Quedlinburg, Germany

On my walk through Quedlinburg, I came across this Moravian Star. Generally, it is an Advent decoration popular in Germany and in other places where there are Moravian congregations. The German name Herrnhuter Stern refers to the city of Herrnhut where the stars were first commercially produced.