Sundial at Thiergarten in Schaffhausen

Sundial at the Thiergarten in Schaffhausen, Switzerland

The Thiergarten is a mansion-like building near the Museum zu Allerheiligen in Schaffhausen. The inscription below the sundial reminds of the fact that this building was destroyed by an airstrike on April 1st, 1944. On that day Schaffhausen was mistaken for a German city by a couple of American bombers.

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Munot Fortress in Schaffhausen

Munot Fortress in Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Really not the best photo taken through the windows of my bus, but what would be a visit to the city of Schaffhausen without taking a pic of its signature landmark? Munot was built as circular fortress inĀ 16th century andĀ serves as venue for events organized by the Munotverein now.