Thiergarten building in Schaffhausen

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Sundial at the Thiergarten in Schaffhausen, Switzerland

After visiting the Museum zu Allerheiligen, I came across this sundial at the Thiergarten building. Its inscription surprised me. It told me that an air raid destroyed this building in 1944.

Thiergarten building in Schaffhausen

The Thiergarten is a mansion-like building. It dates back to 1529. The Renaissance wing depicted in the photo above saw its completion in 1622. The Baroque west wing followed in 1737. One of its most famous inhabitants was General Johannes Rietmann (1679–1765)

Air raid of Schaffhausen

On 1st April 1944, Schaffhausen was mistaken for a German city by a couple of US bombers. The losses were heavy. For example, several bombs hit the Museum zu Allerheiligen and destroyed about 70 paintings of Old Masters. A total of 40 persons died due to this attack.

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