Diesel railcar ÖBB 5144

Diesel rail car ÖBB 5144 in Semmering, Austria

A hike over the Semmering Pass regularly ends for me in front of the railcar ÖBB 5144. This piece dating from 1951 stands on a museum track next to the building of the Semmering station. Unfortunately, it is inaccessible. So you can only enjoy the interior by a peek through its windows.

Railway station Semmering

Railway station Semmering, Austria

On my train trips to Vienna I often pass the railway station Semmering. Generally I see the station just from my train window. On a hiking tour I got this different view. Looks misty, doesn’t it? By the way the blue-white rail car in the background is a diesel rail car ÖBB 5144.