Puh Bridge in Ptuj

Puhov most, an extradost bridge in Ptuj, Slovenia

The Puh Bridge (Puhov Most) is named after Janez Puh, an inventor and mechanic who became famous for founding the Austrian Puch automobile plants. The bridge was created by Peter Gabrijelčič аnd Viktor Markelj and opened in 2007. It is an extradosed bridge which spans the Drava River in a bow.

Mithras Shrine III in Ptuj

Mithras shrine III in Ptuj, Slovenia

Remains of a Mithras shrine inside a protecting building built in the style of an ancient Roman sanctuary. The shrine was erected in the sixtieth of the 3rd century by soldiers of the legion XIII Gemina.

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Pannonia bike at Firbas Homestead

Pannonia bike built by the Hungarian company Csepel in 1967

While visiting the Firbas Homestead in the Slovene region of Štajerska I came across this Pannonia bike built by the Hungarian company Csepel in 1967. The homestead offers a lot of adventures for children who had never seen a cow or horse but I guess fans of classic bikes will have interesting talks with the owner of this bike as well.

Klopotec in Prekmurje

A traditional bird scarer named Klopotec, seen at a vineyard in Prekmurje, Slovenia

The Klopotec is used as a bird scarer in the vineyards of traditional wine-growing landscapes of Slovenia, Austria, and Croatia. The pic above was taken in the Slovene region of Prekmurje. In Austria the same device is generally known as Klapotetz or Klapotez.