Painted apiary in Olimje

Painted apiary in Olimje, Slovenia

In the areas of Slovenian Styria (Slovenska Štajerska), Carniola (Kranjska)and the Austrian state of Carinthia (Kärnten) one can find these traditionally painted bee boards (Panjske končnice). With the help of these paintings, beekeepers were able to find the right hive.


Old curacy in Žalec

Portal of the old curacy in Žalec, Slovenia

In the first moment I was surprised to see embrasures at this edifice of the former curacy but later I learned the Baroque building was erected on top of the walls of a former defence tower. The fresco above the richly ornamented portal depicts Saint Nicholas, to whom the nearby church is consecrated.


Salt-flower cake in Portorož

Salt-flower cake in Portorož, Slovenia

A delicacy of Portorož is the salt-flower cake (Torta Solni cvet). Portorož is known for the Sečovlje Saltworks (Sečoveljske soline) where salt is still produced in a traditional way. The depicted cake I had at the Café Central, a café of the LifeClass Hotels & Spa.


Povoden Museum in Ptuj

The Povoden Museum, a lapidarium at the city tower of Ptuj, Slovenia

The Povoden Museum is the oldest open-air lapidarium in Slovenia. Its name origins from Simon Povoden, who collected antique monuments in the city’s tower base. The largest and most famous piece of this collection is the Orpheus Monument, a 5 m high monument standing in front of the city tower.



Reconstruction of Roman shields (scuta) used by the POETOVIO LXIX in Ptuj, Slovenia

Reconstructions of Roman shields (scuta) seen at the rooms of the association POETOVIO LXIX which promotes the Roman heritage of Ptuj. Every August they organize a big Roman festival and re-enactment event in the city.