Architecture Gothic

Bummerlhaus in Steyr

Bummerlhaus, a late gothic mansion in Steyr, Austria

The Bummerlhaus is a late gothic mansion in the city of Steyr. It is considered as one of the finest medieval secular buildings in Austria.

Architecture Neo-Gothic

Neo-Gothic bank building in Steyr

Neo-Gothic bank building (1900) in Steyr, Austria

This building of a mutual savings bank (Sparkasse) was built in 1900 in the style of neo-Gothic. For this reason two older houses were demolished, e.g. the Reichlhaus. An interesting details is the writing on top of it, which uses the outdated term Sparcassa.

Architecture Baroque

‘Zum Andreas Hofer’ inn in Steyr

'Zum Andreas Hofer' Inn in Steyr, Austria

The building with the address Enge Gasse 5 has late Gothic origins and a Baroque facade created in the second quarter of the 18th century. It is generally known as the ‘Zum Andreas Hofer’ inn (Gasthaus ‘Zum Andreas Hofer’).


Blumauerhaus in Steyr

Wall painting at the Blumauerhaus in Steyr, Austria

This wall painting located at the northern side of the Blumauerhaus in the city of Steyr shows emperor Frederick III (Friedrich III.) and his son Maximilian I. The building is named after Aloys Blumauer who was born there in 1755.

Castles Murals

Lower gate of Lamberg Castle in Steyr

Fresco at the lower gate of Lamberg Castle in Steyr, Austria

The fresco decorates the Gothic archway at the lower gate of Lamberg Castle (Schloss Lamberg) protecting the lane leading up to the castle. It shows emperor Frederick III and his son Maximilian in front of a depiction of the medieval Lamberg Castle.