Wine & Bible Trail in Poysdorf

Wine & Bible Trail (1) around the parish church of Poysdorf, Austria

Along the walls next to the parish church of Poysdorf there is a wine & bible trail displaing quote from the bible mentioning wine. Walking along this trail gives you some great insights about the correct use of wine and probably some good points for buying more wine at the nearby wine store (Weinmarkt) of Poysdorf..

Public book box in Poysdorf

Public library in a former phone box in Poysdorf, Austria

Fun! There is a public library inside a former phone box in Poysdorf. You can take some books for free without asking. You are only ought to bring them back or to put in some other books instead.

Sundial in Poysdorf

Sundial with grapes in Poysdorf, Austria

Sundial with grapes in Poysdorf. The grapes refer to the fact that Poysdorf is famous for its vineyards surrounding the place.

Sculpture park in Poysdorf

Naked man and woman at the sculpture park in Poysdorf, Austria

Next to the WEIN+TRAUBEN Welt (Wine & Grapes Universum) of the Vinoversum in Poysdorf there is a sculpture park displaying works created by the sculptor Martin Messinger. The naked man and the lady standing at the road between Vienna and Brno are just eye catchers for the park which is hidden behind the wall.

Hall of grapes in Poysdorf

Parliament of wine bottles inside the hall of grapes in Poysdorf, Austria

The hall of grapes (Traubenhalle) is one part of the Vino Versum in Poysdorf. The hall houses an exhibition about the history of wine and the relationship between wine growing and Poysdorf. One fun exhibit is the parliament of bottles which depicts the parliament of Austria by wine bottles.