Street art in Poysdorf

Street art in Poysdorf, Austria

Poysdorf, a place famous for its wine in the Austrian state of Lower Austria, is coverd with 100+ depictions of wine bottles each decorated by a different artist. Love No. 55 which I found in the beginning of the hollow way Radyweg.

Vineyard goat in Poysdorf

Vineyard goat at the Hall of Grapes in Poysdorf, Austria

An exhibit with an interesting story seen at the Hall of Grapes in Poysdorf is the vineyard goat (Weinbeergoaß). This symbol is said to go back to a biblical story of Noah: After observing a goat eating grapes he tried them for himself and became the father of winegrowing.

Sundial in Mistelbach

Sundial in Mistelbach, Austria

A sundial seen next to the railway station Mistelbach – Stadt. The sundial placed at a private building depicts regional agricultural produce. The German phrase ‘Nuetz die Zeit!’ reminds people to use their time carefully.

Kreuzenstein Castle in Leobendorf

Kreuzenstein Castle in Leobendorf, Austria

The Kreuzenstein Castle of today was erected in the years 1874 – 1906 by order of Count Johann Nepomuk Graf Wilczek. As the castle consists of a lot of medieval material bought from other castles it offers modern as well as medieval structures. It was the set of many movies, e.g. for the  2010 television series ‘The Pillars of the Earth’.