Sundial in Mödling

Sundial in Mödling, Austria

A sundial dating back to the 16th century seen at the walls of a pharmacy in Mödling.


Fun wall painting in Mödling

Fun wall painting in Mödling, Austria

While walking through the streets of Mödling I came across this fun wall painting. I guess it was a kind of advertisement for a painter and decorator nearby.


Postbox with legs in Mödling

Post box with legs in Austria

Photo of a postbox taken in Mödling, a city in the Austrian state of Lower Austria. The legs are not a prank or an urban intervention but part of a campaign. I love the idea though.

Urban Walks

Old lantern in Wiener Neustadt

Old lantern in Wiener Neustadt, Austria

Fascinating old lantern seen in Wiener Neustadt, a city south of Vienna. I wonder what was the reason for designing this eagle-like bird so ‘plucked’?


Liechtenstein Castle in Maria Enzersdorf

Liechtenstein Castle in Maria Enzersdorf, Austria

Liechtenstein Castle (Burg Liechtenstein) is the ancestral seat of the ruling house of the European state Liechtenstein. The castle was destroyed during the Ottoman wars and rebuilt in the 19th century. [German]


Sundial in Baden bei Wien

Sundial in Baden bei Wien, Austria

A sundial seen in the spa town Baden bei Wien. Not sure if this art nouveau or art deco?


Haus der Neunten in Baden bei Wien

Haus der Neunten in Baden bei Wien, Austria

On my walk through Baden I came across this museum (Beethovenhaus Baden) situated in a former home of the composer Ludwig van Beethoven. The composer worked for his famous 9th symphony here. Therefore this building is also called ‘Haus der Neunten’ (= House of the 9th)


Stilklassen in Berndorf

Egypt classroom in Berndorf, Austria

The Berndorf schools located in the Austrian state of Lower Austria were planned by architect Ludwig Baumann and opened in 1909. Each classroom is designed in a different historical style (Stil), so the German name of these rooms is Stilklassen. The classrooms are still in use but open for visitors.