Karmel Mayerling in Alland

Schloss Mayerling in Alland, Austria

The estate in the Vienna Woods was first mentioned in the 13th century. In 1887, the Austrian Crown Prince Rudolf converted the facility into a hunting lodge (Mayerling Castle). On January 30, 1889, Rudolf and his mistress Baroness Mary Vetsera died here under circumstances that were not completely solved.

Abbeys Monasteries

Orangery at Klosterneuburg Abbey

Inside the orangery of Klosterneuburg Monastery, Austria

After a walk through the seven gardens of Klosterneuburg Monastery (Stift Klosterneuburg) near Vienna I also visited the orangery of the monastery. Inside I  was very surprised by this ensemble including an old world map showing the route of an exploring journey done by the Austrian ship ‘SMS Novara‘.

Abbeys Museums Roman Empire

Roman fort in Klosterneuburg

Exhibition room at Klosterneuburg Monastery

This exhibition room of Stift Klosterneuburg (Klosterneuburg Monastery) displays ancient Roman pieces. They are from an ancient predecessor settlement of today’s Klosterneuburg. The name of the Roman place is uncertain. Suggestions are Arrianis, Asturis, Cannabiaca or Quadriburgium.

Abbeys Monasteries

Contemporary art at Klosterneuburg Monastery

Contemporary art at Klosterneuburg Monastery, Austria

While my visit to Stift Klosterneuburg (Klosterneuburg Monastery) I came across several examples of contemporary art which were well hidden in the structures of the monastery. For example, I discovered this red ‘thing’ in the cloistered courtyard by glimpsing through an open window.

Monuments Wine

Sculpture of a Reblaus in Gumpoldskirchen

Memorial plaque to Hans Moser in Gumpoldskirchen, Austria

This fun sculpture is placed next to a memorial plaque to the Austrian actor Hans Moser. Schulpture and plaque are located in Gumpoldskirchen, a centre of wineries south of Vienna. Besides his movies and plays Hans Moser became famous for singing a song about the ‘Reblaus’ (‘Pyhlloxera’).


‘1. Wiener Wasserleitungsweg’ in Wienerwald

Sign of the 1. Wiener Wasserleitungsweg

A pretty special hiking trail in Austria is the 1. Wiener Wasserleitungsweg which leads along the water supply line from the mountains of Lower Austria down to Vienna. So one can learn about the sources of Vienna’s water just by following a path.

Abbeys Sundials

Sundial at Klosterneuburg Abbey

Sundial at Stift Klosterneuburg, Austria

This sundial dated with the year 1570 is shown at St Leopold’s Courtyard (Leopoldihof) of Klosterneuburg Abbey (Stift Klosterneuburg).

Cuisine Wine

Genussmeile in the Thermenregion Wienerwald

Church in Sooß, AustriaThe Genussmeile is an event which takes place every fall in the Thermenregion Wienerwald, an area south of Vienna. On that event one can walk along a wining and dining trail right in the vineyards between Mödling and Bad Vöslau.

City Walls Murals

Town wall of Wiener Neustadt

Mural depicting the town wall

An interesting way to learn about the former town wall of Wiener Neustadt. At the Reyergasse 10 I saw this mural depicting the walls around the city. Some parts are still to see. E.g. the Reckturm Tower dating back to 13th century is placed at the north-western corner of the city.

City Walls Museums Towers

Reckturm in Wiener Neustadt

Reckturm in Wiener Neustadt, Austria

The Reckturm is a tower dating back to 13th century.  After its demolition it was reconstructed in the style of 15th century. The name Reckturm (reck = rack) refers to its use as prison and place for torture. Today it houses a small museum for weapons and about torment.

Architecture Sgraffito

Sgraffito House in Wiener Neustadt

Sgraffito House in Wiener Neustadt, Austria

Building with lovely sgraffito seen at Neunkirchner Straße 19 in Wiener Neustadt. Around the gate one can see mythological creatures and the date 1584. The core of the house was built in 14th century.

Urban Walks

Old advertising column in Wiener Neustadt

Old advertising column in Wiener Neustadt, Austria

Detail of an old advertising column seen in Wiener Neustadt. In German we call them Litfaßsäulen.