Mendelssohn House in Leipzig

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Figurines at the Mendelssohn House in Leipzig, Germany

The Mendelssohn House (Mendelssohn-Haus) in Leipzig is a late Classicist building where composer Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy spent his last years. Today, it houses a museum about his life and his work. [German]

Mendelssohn House in Leipzig

Whereas the bel ├ętage is dedicated to Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, the second floor tells about the life of his older sister, the composer Fanny Hensel. Another attraction is the Effektorium on the ground floor. It invites you to conduct a virtual orchestra.

Music Trail “Leipziger Notenspur”

The Mendelssohn House is a station on the trail “Leipziger Notenspur”. This trail connects 22 sites of Leipzig related to music. Following this route, you will get in touch with places dedicated to composers like Bach, Grieg, Mahler, Schumann, Wagner, and others.

Sources / More info

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  • Link Website of the music trail “Leipziger Notenspur” (ENG)
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