CarGoTram in Dresden

CarGoTram in Dresden

The transparent factory (Gläserne Manufaktur) of the Volkswagen plant in Dresden is supplied with material by means of a freight tram. The blue tram can only be seen at certain times in the streets of Dresden. This mural close to Dresden Mitte station gives you an impression of this rare streetcar.

Sun worshipper in Dresden

Sun worshipper at Eckberg Mansion in Dresden

This bronze sculpture of a sun worshiper stands on the terrace of Eckberg Mansion (Schloss Eckberg) and looks down from there into the Elbe Valley. The artwork was created by Sascha Schneider (1870-1927). The covers of numerous Karl May novels also come from the hand of this artist.

Lighthouse in Moritzburg

Lighthouse at the Niedere Großteich Bärnsdorf in Moritzburg

During a horse-drawn carriage ride around Moritzburg Castle, we arrived at the lighthouse at Niedere Großteich Bärnsdorf. The lighthouse was originally built for a naumachia. So were previously called buildings and basins for the staging of naval battles.

Manhole cover in Leipzig

Manhole cover in Leipzig, Germany

The manhole covers in Leipzig display the local city arms. The lion represents the Margraviate of Meissen (Markgrafschaft Meissen) and the pales called the Landsberg Pales (Landsberger Pfähle) represent the Margraviate of Landsberg (Markgrafschaft Landsberg).