Sun Worshiper in Dresden

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Sun worshipper at Eckberg Mansion in Dresden

This bronze sculpture titled Sonnenanbeter (Sun Worshiper) stands on the terrace of Schloss Eckberg (Eckberg Mansion) in Dresden. From there, guests have a fine view of the Elbe Valley. The creator of this artwork was Sascha Schneider. [German]

Sascha Schneider and Karl May

Fans of Karl May’s literature may know the artist. Sascha Schneider (1870-1927) illustrated the book covers for several Karl May novels. Besides that, Schneider’s Hypnosis (1904) is considered to provide a visual reference for a scene in the film The Lighthouse (2019).

Eckberg Castle Hotel

Schloss Eckberg is also known as one of the three Elbschlösser. These three mansions form a row of sights while you travel the Elbe River on the boat. The two other mansions are Schloss Albrechtsberg and Lignerschloss. Today, Schloss Eckberg serves as a castle hotel.

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