Sundial at the Stallhof

Sundial at the Stallhof in Dresden, Germany

This sundial is located on the courtside of the Long Hallway (Lange Gang). The Long Hallway is the connection building between the Georgenbau and the former stable building. From here, the spectators watched the tournaments in the stable courtyard (Stallhof). [German]


Procession of Princes

View of Procession of Princes in Augustusstrasse, Dresden

The Fürstenzug (Procession of Princes) is a 102-meter-long mural in Dresden. It is applied to 23,000 Meissen porcelain tiles and displays portraits of 35 members of the House of Wettin. These people formed the rulers of Saxony between 1127 and 1904. [German]


Yenidze in Dresden

Former cigarette factory Yenidze in Dresden

The former cigarette factory building was designed by architect Martin Hammitzsch in 1907. The company name referred to the Ottoman place Yenidze (the Greek Genisea of today), where the tobacco was bought from. Today, the house serves as an office building. [German]


Suspension Railway in Dresden

Structure of the suspension railway in Dresden, Germany

View of the suspension railway connecting the districs of Loschwitz and Oberloschwitz in Dresden. The pic was taken from a passing paddle steamer driving along the river Elbe. The pecularity of this suspension railway (Schwebebahn) is the fact that it is cable-drawn like a funicular railway.