CarGoTram in Dresden

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CarGoTram in Dresden

During my visit to the Gläserne Manufaktur of the Volkswagen Company in 2018, I heard about the blue CarGoTram for the first time. It transported car parts on the public tram network in Dresden. [German]

CarGoTram in Dresden

The CarGoTram transported from 2000 until 2022 car parts from a logistics centre in Friedrichstadt to the Volkswagen Factory near the city centre of Dresden. As the blue tramcars used the public tram network, they were a common sight in the Saxon capital.

Murals near Dresden Mitte Station

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to see these two tramcars, which offered 5 transport segments with a length of nearly 60 metres overall. So I was delighted to catch a mural depicting this clever means of transport.

I found it near the Dresden Mitte Station on the walls of the railway viaduct leading to the station. About 40 murals showed me Saxon sights related to infrastructure and transportation. This line of depictions is known as the Bahnbögengalerie.

The mural showed me a depiction of the CarGoTram on the left side and a VW Phaeton on the right side. Between them, I could recognize the local automobile factory, generally known as the Gläserne Manufaktur. The VW Phaeton was produced there until 2016.

Sources / More Info

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  • Link Description of the CarGoTram in Dresden on Wikipedia (ENG)
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