Yenidze in Dresden

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Former cigarette factory Yenidze in Dresden

The former cigarette factory building was designed by architect Martin Hammitzsch in 1907. The company name referred to the Ottoman place Yenidze (the Greek Genisea of today), where the tobacco was bought from. Today, the house serves as an office building. [German]

The Yenidze in Dresden

Today’s building originates from the Yenidze Tobacco and Cigarette Factory (German: Orientalische Tabak- und Zigarettenfabrik Yenidze). The founder and owner of this company was the Jewish entrepreneur Hugo Zietz.

It isn’t unusual to design a factory with oriental products in a Moorish Revival style. In the case of Yenidze, the iconic architecture also served as an advertising tool. By the way, the minaret-like tower was actually the former chimney of the factory.

For me, the exotic style is not only coined by the oriental-like dome. The number of tiles and about 600 windows in different shapes underline the impression of being a building arising from an oriental fairy tale.

The Kuppelrestaurant on the top

On top of the building, the Kuppelrestaurant claims to offer the highest beer garden in Dresden. The rest of the Yenidze serves as an office building. Well, I certainly would love to work in an office with such a restaurant nearby.

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