Architecture Baroque

Old Exchange in Leipzig

Old exchange (Alte Handelsbörse) in Leipzig, Germany

The Old Exchange (Alte Handelsbörse) was built in the 17th century in the early baroque style as a representative building where merchants could meet. Today, the hall serves for musical and literary events, company presentations and conferences, festive receptions and private parties.

Urban Walks

Classic water pump in Leipzig

Classic water pump in Leipzig. Germany

Classic hand water pump seen in the streets of Leipzig.


Bad Schandau Elevator in Saxony

Elevator dating back to 1904 in Bad Schandau, Germany

This elevator runs from Bad Schandau on Ostrau. The truss-tower construction built in 1904 overcomes a difference in height of 47.76 m. From the top of the tower you have a great view on Saxon Switzerland.

Palm Houses

Palm house of Pillnitz Palace in Dresden

Palm house of Pillnitz Palace in Dresden, Germany

The palm house on  the grounds of Pillnitz Palace (Schloss Pillnitz) was opened in 1861 and is considered as one of the oldest still existing constructions of cast steel and glass in Europe.


Suspension Railway in Dresden

Structure of the suspension railway in Dresden, Germany

View of the suspension railway connecting the districs of Loschwitz and Oberloschwitz in Dresden. The pic was taken from a passing paddle steamer driving along the river Elbe. The pecularity of this suspension railway (Schwebebahn) is the fact that it is cable-drawn like a funicular railway.

Coat of arms Manhole Covers

Manhole cover in Dresden

Manhole cover in Dresden showing the emblem of the city

The manhole covers in Dresden display the city arms of the city. The lion represents the Margraviate of Meissen and the poles called the Landsberger Pfähle refer to the March of Landsberg.

Public Art

Public art by Peter Makolies in Dresden

Masks created by Peter Makolies in Dresden, Germany

This is one of four sandstone masks created by Peter Makolies in the years 1982/84 They are decorating the corners of the administration building of the Saxon State Opera generally known as the Semperoper.

Architecture Restaurants

Cigarette factory Yenidze in Dresden

Former cigarette factory Yenidze in Dresden, Germany

The former cigarette factory building was built by architect Martin Hammitzsch in 1907. The name of the company refered to the Ottoman place Yenidze (the Greek Genisea of today) where the tobacco was bought from. Today the edifice serves as office building.

Locomotives Museums Railways

Fireless steam locomotive in Chemnitz

Fireless steam locomotive in Chemnitz, Germany

At the Saxon Museum of Industry I came across this fireless steam locomotive. This kind of locomotives was used in industrial facilities where no open fire was allowed.


Lichtenwalde Castle in Niederwiesa

Lichtenwalde Castle in Niederwiesa, Germany

In 2005 the Baroque park of Lichtenwalde Castle (Schloss Lichtenwalde) was chosen to one of the most beautiful parks in Germany. [German]

Bridges Railways

Viaduct of Markersbach in Saxony

Viaduct of Markersbach in Saxony, Germany

The frame pillar viaduct (Trestle) of Markersbach (Markersbacher Viadukt) was built in the years 1887-1889 as part of the railway line Annaberg-Buchholz-Schwarzenberg for bridging a side valley of the Great Mittweida. Today the railway line (Erzgebirgische Aussichtsbahn) is in operation for special trips only. [German]


Vintage postbox in Frohnau

Blue postbox at a building in Frohnau

A postbox seen in Frohnau, a part of the municipality of Annaberg-Buchholz. By the way, a very interesting site in Frohnau worth a visit is an old hammer mill named Frohnauer Hammer showing the hammer technology of 17th century.