New Town Hall in Hanover

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New city hall in Hannover, Germany

The New Town Hall in Hanover (Neues Rathaus Hannover) was opened in 1913. Since then, a pond in front of it mirrors the eclectic architecture. Inside, the building offers an intriguing curved dome lift. [German]

Scale models of Hannover

In the hall below the nearly 100-meter-high dome, four scale models display the city of Hanover at four different times:

  • the old town (1689)
  • before World War II (1939)
  • after World War II (1945)
  • the rebuilt Hanover

The curved dome lift

The dome offers a unique lift. The elevator to the dome’s observation deck runs at a 17-degree angle. Windows at the top and the bottom of the cabin enable visitors to see the intriguing construction of the elevator shaft. On the observation platform, you enjoy an excellent view of Hanover and the nearby Masch Lake (Maschsee).

Sources / More info

  • Link Website of the tourism office about the New Town Hall
  • Link Description of the New Town Hall on Wikipedia
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