City hall of Rostock

City hall of Rostock, Germany

The city hall of Rostock dating back to the 13th century is an interesting mixture of Brick Gothic and Baroque architecture. The Baroque porch was built in front of the Gothic wall in the beginning of the 18th century.


City hall of Weimar

City hall of Weimar in Thuringia, Germany

The city hall of Weimar was built in 1841 in neo-Gothic style. In the tower you can listen to a Glockenspiel made of Meissen porcelain.


Let’s talk about new town halls (#FriFotos)

New city hall in Hannover, Germany

The subject of today for #FriFotos is ‘new’. That reminds me of a phenomenon I came across on my city walks for several times: The guide-book told me ‘this’ is the ‘new’ town hall of the place but actually the building looked pretty old-fashioned. For example have a look at the Neue Rathaus von Hannover (New town hall of Hanover) depicted above which was opened in 1913.


City hall of Bonn

Town hall of Bonn, Germany

Unfortunately it was pretty rainy during my visit in Bonn. I got a nice photo of the city hall though. Many years ago I watched a ‘Rathaussturm’ here. Have you already heard about this carnival tradition? At the end of the carnival period the carnival revellers supported by a female guard ‘take over the power’ at the city hall for a few days.