OEG Salonwagen in Mannheim

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OEG Saloon car in Mannheim, Germany

Shortly after discovering a museum-related manhole cover, the next surprise overtook me. An OEG Salonwagen (saloon car) in the design of the 1920s rattled past me. Inside, passengers chilled and enjoyed the view. [German]

The OEG Salonwagen (1928)

The surprising tram car was an offer from the RNV (Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH). This traffic enterprise uses a tram set from 1928 for bookable tours. The design of the saloon car made me curious on the spot. For example, it looked relatively small at the front. On the other side, the noble brown colour and the furnishings recognizable through the windows exuded an outstanding noblesse.

The half-trains OEG ET 21/22–ET 61/62

The OEG Salonwagen came from a series of vehicles that were produced by the Waggonfabrik Fuchs in 1928. The cars were meant for the OEG (Oberrheinische Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft). The half-trains with the operating numbers OEG ET 21/22-ET 61/62 were in regular service until 1974. A few of them are exhibits in museums today.

Trips with the OEG Salonwagen

One of these surviving half-trains serves as a bookable OEG Salonwagen today. On the RNV website, I saw exceptionally long routes. For example, there is a round trip from and to Mannheim via Heidelberg and Weinheim. Such a journey takes several hours, accompanied by music, drinks and individually booked catering.

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  • Link Official website of the OEG Salonwagen by the RNV
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