Monument to Prince Eugene

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Monument to Prince Eugene in Vienna, Austria

You find this monument of Prince Eugene Francis of Savoy–Carignano in the centre of Vienna on the Heldenplatz. Anton Dominik Fernkorn finished the equestrian statue in 1865. The pose reminds us of Prince Eugene’s role as a victorious commander.

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Prince Eugene (Prinz Eugen) is also known for owning several palaces in Vienna. The cold months of the year he spent in his Winter Palace (Winterpalais Prinz Eugen). The Baroque building in the 1st district of Vienna houses the Ministry of Finance these days.

His residences for the summer months are open to the public. Generally known as Upper Belvedere and Lower Belvedere, both house art collections and are venues for reputable art exhibitions.

More works created by Fernkorn

Another equestrian statue created by Anton Dominik Fernkorn is the Monument to Archduke Charles placed on the same square in Vienna. This work is even more fascinating than that one of Prince Eugen. The whole construction balances on only two legs of the horse.

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