Kunsthaus Wien

Kunsthaus Wien in Vienna

There is a splash of colour in the grey streets of the 3rd district of Vienna: the Kunsthaus Wien. The former furniture factory for Thonet chairs now houses a museum for Friedensreich Hundertwasser and shows photo exhibitions that attract attention.

Theseus Temple in Vienna

Theseus Tempel in Vienna, Austria

It is not visible from the Wiener Ringstraße. Only those who enter the public park named Volksgarten suddenly find themselves facing a piece of Greek antiquity. Of course, it isn’t ancient. The Theseus Temple is a classicistic building from the years 1819/23.

Lower Belvedere Palace

Front view of the Lower Belvedere

Lower Belvedere Palace (Unteres Belvedere) and Upper Belvedere Palace (Oberes Belvedere) constitute an ensemble near Vienna Main Railway Station (Hauptbahnhof). Both palaces are venues of a museum and gallery named Belvedere. Next to the Lower Belvedere one also can visit art exhibitions in the former Orangery and the Palace Stables of the ensemble.

Monument to Alexander Girardi

Monument to Alexander Girardi in Girardi park

The monument to Alexander Girardi (1850-1918) lies on a small green space between the traffic streams on Girardiplatz in Vienna. So the actor and operetta singer does not have to complain about a small audience, even if the most car driver passes this park without taking a notice of the white statue.

Otto Wagner Schützenhaus

Schützenhaus by Otto Wagner in Vienna, Austria

The Schützenhaus was built in the years 1904 – 1908 according to plans by Otto Wagner. The building was part of a planned weir. The name Schützenhaus refers to the control gates (Schütze) used in such weirs. Today, the building houses a restaurant called “Otto Wagner Schützenhaus”.