Gardens Monuments

Monument to Rudolf Steiner

Monument of Rudolf Steiner in Vienna, Austria

This memorial is dedicated to the journalist and esoteric Rudolf Joseph Lorenz Steiner. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) is considered the founder of anthroposophy. The monument was erected in 1981 in the Swiss Garden (Schweizergarten) in Vienna. The bronze relief is a work by the artist Elisabeth Oling-Jelinek.

Castles Horses

Stallburg in Vienna

Lippizan horses in their boxes

A chance to see the famous Lipizzan horses of the Spanish Riding School for free is having a look into the Stallburg which is placed next to the Spanish Riding School. There you can see the horses standing in their boxes waiting for their next training or performances.

Architecture Urban Walks

Loos House in Vienna

Looshaus in Vienna, Austria

The Loos House (Looshaus) is considered a central building of the Viennese Modern Age (Wiener Moderne). It was designed around 1910 by architect Adolf Loos. Because of the missing decorative elements above the windows, the Viennese called this building “The house without eyebrows”.


Weltmuseum in Vienna

Weltmuseum Wien

When I first visited the museum, it was known as the Museum für Völkerkunde (Museum of Ethnology). Today it is called Weltmuseum Wien (World Museum Vienna). The exhibits are the same. But the information is one facet richer: As a visitor, I learn a lot more about the circumstances under which the cultural objects came into the museum.


S-Bahn station Quartier Belvedere in Vienna

Subterranean station 'Quartier Belvedere' in Vienna, AustriaIn 2012 the former S-Bahn station Wien Südbahnhof was renamed into Quartier Belvedere. The walls of the modernized station are covered with illustrations and historical info about the gone railway station Südbahnhof and some promotion for the nearby 21er Haus and Belvedere.


Lock at Belvedere Gardens in Vienna

Artful lock at a garden gate in Vienna, AustriaArtful lock of a garden gate seen at the Belvedere Gardens in Vienna. The figurine of a man situated in the middle of the lock made me think it could portray a Native American?


Electric locomotive ÖBB Class 1010 in Vienna

Classic electric locomotive ÖBB 1010 003-0 (1955) in Vienna, Austria

A locomotive of the ÖBB Class 1010 seen at the main railway station of Vienna. Only twenty pieces of these electric locomotives have been produced in the years 1955 – 1958. The locomotive depicted above is used for classic train trips by the Austrian Club 1018.

Exhibitions Museums

Windows for Peace in Vienna

Windows for Peace in Vienna, Austria

The project ‘Windows for Peace’ is going to show 150+ peace heroes in the windows of lanes located next to the Museum of Peace. You can find the Museum of Peace in the Blutgasse 3, 1. District.


Descriptive number 1379 in Vienna

Descriptive number 1379 in Vienna, Austria

The first descriptive numbering in Vienna was ordered by Maria Theresa in 1770. At that time the house numbers were given successively as the houses were built. Later the system changed into orientation numbers combining street names and numbers. The address Wien N° 1379 is a remain of the first numbering system.


Geese girl fountain in Vienna

Geese girl fountain in Vienna with an add-on a la Glasgow on that special day

The geese girl fountain (Gänsemädchenbrunnen) created by the Czech sculptor Antonín Pavel Wagner shows a girl with three geese. The geese refer to the first site of the fountain which was the former poultry market of the city. Today you can find this fountain next to the Rahlstiege, a staircase in the 6th district of Vienna.

Christmas Christmas Markets

Christmas market at the Arsenal in Vienna

Christmas market at the Arsenal in Vienna, Austria

Every year in December a medieval Christmas market takes place in front of the Museum of Military History (Heeresgeschichtlichs Museum) in Vienna. The market, which is generally named after the whole area (Arsenal) lasts only for a weekend so you should look for the exact date beforehand.


Memorial plaque for Mark Twain in Vienna

Memorial plaque for Mark Twain in Vienna, Austria

This memorial plaque for Samuel Langhorne Clemes, generally known as Mark Twain,  is placed at that hotel in Vienna where he used to stay between October 1898 and May 1899. The hotel named Ambassador is still a prime address in Vienna.