Palm House Schönbrunn

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Great Palm House Schönbrunn in Vienna

The Great Palm House Schönbrunn (Großes Palmenhaus Schönbrunn) stands on the grounds of Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna. Its construction bases of 720 tons of wrought iron and cast iron. About 45,000 glass tiles enable a fabulous light.

Great Palm House Schönbrunn

The Great Palm House Schönbrunn opened in 1882. At that time, it was the largest greenhouse in the world. Inside, it offers three different halls on 2,500 m². The rooms vary in temperature:

  • 06°C in the northern hall,
  • 12°C in the middle part, which is 25 m high,
  • 18°C in the southern hall.

The presented plants vary accordingly. Personally, I love the combination of colourful flowers and decorative iron cast elements. For example I admires the overgrown spiral stairs up to the catwalks high over my head.

More palm houses nearby

Das Great Palm House Schönbrunn is the largest greenhouse in the Schönbrunn Palace area. Not far away, you will find another greenhouse experience. The Wüstenhaus (Desert House) is an outpost of the nearby Tiergarten Schönbrunn (Zoo Vienna). It features flora and fauna from desert landscapes.

More palm houses in Vienna

Besides those ones mentioned above, there is another greenhouse in the Burggarten. The Palmenhaus Burggarten offers two different services. One half provides you with a restaurant. In the other half, you enjoy a Butterfly House (Schmetterlingshaus).

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