Centurione I (1987) in Bamberg

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Centurione I by Igor Mitoraj in Bamberg, Germany

The sculpture Centurione I was created by the Polish artist Igor Mitoraj in 1987. It stands near the Old Town Hall of Bamberg at the eastern end of the Untere Brücke (Lower Bridge). [German]

My impression of Centurione I

When I think of Igor Mitoraj, two terms always come to mind: oversize and fragmentary. His sculptures seem oversized and always represent only a part of the human body. And these parts – let us speak about his gigantic heads – also seem incomplete. According to art critics, Igor Mitoraj reminds us of human vulnerability with these works.

I am thinking more of the vulnerability of civilization. His heads look like survivors from antiquity who, after a great catastrophe, stick out of the ruins of their cities. Damaged and in bad condition. So these works encourage me to pay more attention to today’s society.

I feel the same way about Centurione I. The face reminds me of an ancient Roman. The title, which makes me think of the Centurion in a Roman legion, also contributes to this. But I would not have described the ancient hero that way. I miss the helmet with the transverse crest, which is typical for the rank of a Centurio.

The location of the Centurione I

The bronze sculpture stands at the eastern end of the Untere Brücke (Lower bridge) over the Regnitz. A fine place, as many visitors to the city flock here. So there are only a few steps from here to the Old Town Hall.

But the Michelsberg Monastery catches my eye even more while taking the picture. Although standing very far on a hill, it forces itself onto the photo. Its scaffolded towers rise up strangely fragmented. A fitting addition to the thoughtful work of Igor Mitoraj.

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